the barn

Our Story


To give you a little information about our farm and us.  Our farm is located in the Tennessee mountains.   We raise and breed Heritage Irish Dexter Cows.  Our cows are born and raised on our farm and are given a lot of love.  They are grass fed on our pastures, no growth hormones, clean spring water from our two springs.   They roam our pastures and if they so desire they come to the barn in the evenings.  Our barn is run on solar power and is kept neat and tidy.  I know, most people think we are crazy but we are just tired of eating food that we have no idea where it came from and what was put in it before it reached the store.  We raise our own herbs, vegetables and some fruits.   We are self-sustainable and that is how we like it.  We belong to the American Dexter Association and are Master Beef Producers and all of our Dexter beef is USDA inspected.